Taxes for online casino Canada players and gambling features

All Canadian players can gamble legally today. Moreover, all online casino Canada gamers show their excitement in fighting for real money progressive jackpots.

This is explained easily: gambling in this country is a tax-free activity. Thus, Canadians are really envied all over the world.

Features of online casino Canada gambling

The most important for all Canadians law called the Income Tax Act claims that if somebody plays at any online casino Canada site and wins, he might not pay any tax in Canadian dollars (or other currency) for this prize. But in online casino play for real money like a lot of players do.

However, this tax-free gambling is possible only when it is someone’s hobby. In case when a person is playing to earn for living and when it is his main business, taxes are paid. The most difficult part here is to diversify hobby and earnings. To do it, the government takes into account the following things:

  • The size of all wins of an online casino Canada gambler;
  • His skills and experience;
  • Frequency of payouts, etc.

The tax size (for professional gamblers) depends on the province. Its average size is about 10%. Besides, any Canada online casino can give a part of its profit to the government instead of paying other taxes. This law also works in certain provinces only.

Ontario is known as the part of a country that gives Canada the major part of taxes (approximately 7 billion CAD yearly). In percentage, it is close to 43% of all the profit from casinos.

Advantages of Canadian gambling

As online casino games Canada players, who bet from time to time and do not use gambling as their business do not need to pay taxes when they win any sum at a gaming site, they show great activity.

The history knows people, who even managed to get Canadian citizenship in order to have a right to gamble tax-free. These are the advantages that let tens of thousands of players make additional money on online entertainment.

The best casinos in the country

If any online casino Canada player is asked which of gaming resources he takes as the best one, many of these guys would name Jackpot City and Spin Casino. Betway will be also mentioned as this online casino Canada no deposit bonus (250 CAD in the beginning) can reach 1.5 thousand.

Besides, the following resources are named most frequently:

  • Magic Red. The win rate here is over 97.12%;
  • PlayAmo. The win rate reaches 97%, and the payout time is less than a day;
  • Royal Panda. With a win rate close to 96.5%, it is one of the most-trusted resources not only for Canadians but for residents of the USA and Europe.

Choosing the place where to bet, Canadians have a better choice than gamblers of other countries.

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