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Most popular online casino games in Canadian casinos

Most popular online casino games in Canadian casinos

Each casino game occupies its own specific niche. If you love rivalry and surpassing other players with your skills, then poker is for you. This is the only casino game in which experience and skills decide everything, not luck. If you like to have fun in the casino with a group of friends, then it’s definitely craps. Dice throws, bets, happy shouts for winnings – it’s all waiting for you there. If you are a fan of video games with bonus rounds, interesting gameplay and storyline, then you should definitely try slots.

There are many games in the casino, but not all of them are popular. And even in popular casino games, only 1 game type can be popular. If you want to enjoy the casino games, then forget about the tops and ratings. Find the game you like best and have fun. But if you want to make new friends and not miss the best games of the year, then welcome to the most popular online casino games guide.

Top casino games in Canada

most popular online casino games online

In Canada, the casino industry is highly developed and all sites follow modern trends. If you want to keep abreast of all the new products and play the most popular online casino games in Canada, then you should choose from:

  1. Poker. An immortal classic with regular tournaments, one of which takes place every year in Canada – WPT. Poker has over 10 variations, and the most popular online casino games are Texas Hold’em and Omaha High. You can easily find active tables or you can participate in a daily or weekly tournament.
  2. Slots. This genre has always been popular, and every year it only gets bigger and bigger. Previously, there were 200+ online slots, but now there are several thousand.
  3. Table games. An incredibly popular category of games that conquered all casinos after the appearance of live dealers. The most popular online casino games in the table games category are blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Each of these categories is completely different from each other. In poker, skill is required, in slots, luck, and table games require both.

The best free casino games

Online casinos have given players the opportunity to play casino games for free. To do this, you need to create an account in a free casino or download a mobile app. Unfortunately, not all real money games are available for free play. Slots are especially popular among free games so we made a list of the most popular online casino games for fun:

  • Starburst. One of the top-rated slots today. Classic gems, but in space and with incredible 3D graphics.
  • Mega Moolah. An old game with a simple design about wild animals. What’s unusual about it is the largest jackpot among all casino games up to C$5 million.
  • Big Bad Wolf. If you have read this tale, then you will also like the game. Try several game modes and blow out all the pig houses to get the maximum payout.
  • Jurassic Park. A very interesting slot based on a series of films with a driving mini-game and big jackpots.

Try the most popular free casino games and find your favorite slot.

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