Great Canadian Gaming, its features and advantages

Approximately 67 percent of revenues of Great Canadian Gaming come from gaming industry itself. This is a very large company that makes the composite S&P index as well as listed on Toronto Stock Exchange.

It annual revenues are exceeding 1.2 billion US dollars and gaming assets that the company owns playing substantial contribution in it. There are 28 gaming properties that the corporation operates in Canada as well as in several states in the US. There are thousands of slot machines and other entertainments that the company possesses.

Features and advantages that this company provides

There are enormous advantages and benefits that people can get from the company. It is specifically dedicated to these who adore gambling. No matter whether an individual loves table card games or slot machines, there is always something to fulfill the needs of that person.

Being a giant of the gambling industry in Canada as well as carrying out operations in the United States, players can always enjoy offers and features that Great Canadian Gaming Corporation offers to its clients on regular basis:

  • Membership to casino hotels
  • Special offers and cut prices on hospitality
  • Sport events like horse racing and betting
  • Enjoy exclusive locations
  • Virtually any card table games
  • Thousands of slot machines including at hotels and events
  • Exclusive VIP services
  • Regular special offers
  • VIP transfers
  • Private room
  • Gaming tournaments

The full list of features that are provided by Great Canadian Gaming is enormous and can also be released in company’s news and published paper issues.

Best casinos in Canada that are operated by the company

The corporation is regarded as the leading Canadian incorporated body that operates in gaming industry. It has lots of hotels in the country and plenty of casinos to choose from. All of them offer first class services and the level of hospitality is simply impeccable. These are a truly magnificent places that have to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Their majority is located in the South East of Canada.

It includes the following:

  • Fallsview casino resort
  • Shoreline casino thousand island
  • Shoreline casino Bellville
  • Great blue heron casino
  • Casino Ajax
  • Pickering casino resort
  • Elements casino Mohawk

Great Canadian Gaming and its gaming assets not only make the majority of gaming and gambling industry in Canada but also provide lots of jobs in this industry. Every assets such as hotel and casino are purposely made and offer the highest level of hospitality.

All services are absolutely great, so any player can easily relax in a beautiful restaurant or a bar after having played enough in table card games, roulette or slots. The corporation has been excelling in this sphere of industry for years and has set unreachable standards in it.

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